Streamsmart Superbox S1 PRO

Superbox S1PRO


#1 Android IPTV box live streaming entertainment around the world


Hardware Specifications S1PRO:

Support Language: Multi-Language support
OS: Android 7.0 Nougat
Chipset: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 Processor
FLASH: 2GB DDR3 Memory
Nand: 16GB eMMC Internal Storage
Expand Memory: Support MicroSD(TF), Up to 32GB
USB Port: 1 X USB 2.0, 1 X USB 3.0
AV Output: 1×3.5mm Jack
Card Reader: 1x Micro SD(TF) Slot
Antenna: External independent Wi-Fi antenna
Wi-Fi : Support 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Dual Band WiFi
Network: 10/100M LAN
HDMI Resolution: Ultra HD 6K
High Definition video output: 6K (6144×3160 pixel )


1 x IPTV Box
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Power Adapter
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x User Manual


Streamsmart Upgrade – Superbox PRO



StreamSmart / StreamStation TV Devices

Originally conceived as a way to watch out of market football games, streaming boxes enabled customers to watch favorite TV shows, movies, and more with onboard access to popular sites and live sporting events.

StreamSmart Company Info 

StreamSmart, LLC 

StreamStation, LLC

Infinite Stream, LLC

  • Please note that the term “Streamsmart” applies interchangeably in this context to all original Streamsmart, Streamstation, and Infinite Stream TV boxes. All three companies are tightly affiliated and were/are managed by the same people in San Diego, California. 
  • Since 2014, all three individuals involved with the original StreamSmart brand launch have been listed on Streamsmart, Streamstation, and Infinite Steam public records. As of April 2019, only Infinite Stream is still listed as an “active” California company. 

More About StreamSmart:

StreamSmart products were promoted with the promise of a rich streaming media experience in full HD resolution, with no monthly fee, and later models claiming to perform at up to Ultra HD 4K specifications and more:

  • Ease of use – no constant updating and configuration problems. 
  • No ongoing monthly costs.
  • Delivered ready to go right out of the box. Simply plug in the included power cord and HDMI cable, and connect the streaming media device to your Wi-Fi or router. 
  • All required periodic maintenance and streaming channel updates are done automatically to the device. No user effort is required to ensure that the box always stays updated with the latest TV channels from around the world. 
  •  Proprietary software to provide the largest selection of streaming media content online today.
  • Once you join the smart people who have decided to “Cut The Cord” by joining the thousands of satisfied StreamSmart TV users, you will be amazed at the variety and selection of pro streaming media that you have been missing.
  • All that is required to enjoy premium streaming online entertainment is a high-speed internet connection.

Streamsmart Production & Programming 

  • Streaming boxes sold under these labels are manufactured in China by Zoomtak electronics and imported regularly in very large quantities. 
  • Overseas programming sources were secured on a bulk per-unit basis, with access to IPTV programming controlled by each box’s individual and unique MAC address. Each time the box was turned on, it connects to an overseas server for access authentication. 
The Streamsmart Sales Network
  • Management pushed the streaming TV boxes with aggressive MLM sales tactics. 
  • New buyers were immediately encouraged to become dealers, with promises of spectacular part-time, and full-time incomes. 
  • These promotion methods proved highly effective, with estimates of more than $50 million in cumulative sales. 
  • Hotel employees, real estate agents, and small wireless service providers were actively recruited to sell Streamsmart boxes.

Control Freaks 

  • By recording and tracking each unit’s MAC address from receipt by the manufacturer to reseller (or direct sale to consumer), management was always in full control of each box’s functionality. For each box to work, it had to be authorized on the network each time it was turned on.
  • In selling Streamsmart boxes primarily through a cash-based reseller network, management was insulated from customer refund requests and chargebacks. 
  • If the boxes were performing erratically, it was the reseller that absorbed the loss if a customer requested a refund. 
  • And if a reseller didn’t follow management’s arbitrary and selective sales policies that varied each week, management would threaten (and did in many cases) shut off access to programming on the boxes sold by the reseller. This punitive action would immediately cause the reseller to be overwhelmed with refund requests and chargebacks from their customers – with zero effect on management’s finances. 
  • Boxes sold directly to consumers by Streamsmart were also at the mercy of management’s ability to covertly connect to the box and remotely erase all of the installed software. The manufacturing cost of each box was so low that at a retail price point (up to $595!), you were very likely to find your shiny new box turned into an expensive paperweight (“bricked”) if you complained.

Eventually, Streamsmart’s terrible customer support collapsed their virtual monopoly on the streaming media device market. New and better-performing products with much better content sources were offered by tech-savvy former Streamsmart resellers.