InfiniteStream Hyperion



The InfiniteStream box was introduced in 2016 by the fun bunch at Streamsmart to be the “premium” level box on the market. Mostly sold via Ebay, this box was the only box from Streamsmart that had decent hardware specs, but same terrible after sales service as with all Streamsmart boxes.

Per sales copy:

“InfiniteStream is arguably the best streaming device! There are so many streaming media player options now days, it can be challenging to know which one to get. The reality is, most streaming devices are made with cheap parts that are not reliable. Our box is both made with more expensive durable parts, and focuses on subscription based streaming. The high quality and durability of the Infinite Stream box can be easily researched on the web, where many happy customers and very few complaints are found. The well established InfiniteStreamproduct line is an industry leader with great reputations.The specs on this streaming media player are top of the line. Large processor, tons of memory, USB, optical, expansion memory, RCA, and HDMI all included, not to mention 4K with a Octo-Core GPU! All new polymer housing, low-noise for cooling and advanced PC board, this is really the streaming device you want. Entertainment on your terms is the philosophy of the founders of Infinite Stream. We built the brand around a “Cost Reduction” philosophy. However, this does not mean you cannot add paid services, like Netflix and Hulu.”

InfiniteStream Hyperion Specs