Is The Streamsmart Streaming Media Player Legal In The U.S.?

Yes, and here is why:
The Streamsmart Difference

Streamsmart is the leading selling premium streaming media box in the world for for two reasons!

Cable, Satellite & other online media outlets have abused their loyal customer base with exorbitant costs to the point of open revolt.
The use of an online streaming media device like Streamsmart is completely legal in the United States. The reason lies in the fact that Streamsmart acts as a “portal” into streaming online content. There is no downloading of third-party copyrighted material. No storage, retention, archiving, or otherwise distributing of such material by the device. Viewing third-party digital media is not a restricted activity, which is all that Streamsmart does. Avoiding the downloading of actionable copyrighted material has been a cornerstone of our product since it’s inception.
For a good explaination of what is, and is not legal concerning streaming media content, read this.

How Is Streamsmart Different?

As the industry leading online premium media device, our market presence has allowed us to secure highly beneficial arrangements with with premium streaming channel source. This arrangement provides our customers with the highest quality user experience and the widest range of premium content available today.
Streamsmart provides an easy to navigate menu of premium channel providers who constantly maintain the integrity of their streams to ensure secure, stable, and reliable content for your viewing pleasure.

Timely updates will be applied to Streamsmart streaming media boxes automatically – no need for our customers to hassle with tedious manual updates.