Rveal 2 Streaming Box



Billed as the “latest, most powerful and top-of-the-line player, this box will change the way you experience TV forever. With instant access to thousands of apps, the media player will turn your TV into an endless library of your favorite entertainment at the click of a button. It comes with upgraded Android OS, more features, and better hardware to give you the best performance, ease of use and speed right out of the box. Combined with an upgraded remote, you can now cut the cord and put choice, control and money back into your hands. Get the Rveal 2 today and start streaming whatever you want, whenever you want in ultra HD.”

This box is a computer that allows you to stream internet TV on your Android phone or tablet. You simply go to the website, select a channel from their large catalog, sign up for a free trial and start streaming your favourite shows or movies right away. Rveal streams through their media server, meaning that they do not actually own the channels you’re watching, or the files they hold.

Because it’s powered by their media server, it will not need a separate connection to the Internet and does not require you to have access to a TV set in order to watch your favorite show. This feature is especially great if you use it as a media player and want to keep your Android smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet. With this device, you can also watch any streaming movie that’s available for free online, without having to download it first.

Its powerful mobile video player can automatically search for the best video clips on their site and instantly play them. What this means is that instead of having to browse the TV guide and hoping that you find the appropriate movie, you get to enjoy a movie as it’s being watched. It also lets you easily pause and rewind the video for those late-night movie marathons.

The built-in Google Cast capabilities allow you to watch on another Android device without the need for you to go through the entire website. This feature is particularly helpful if you want to watch an episode of the latest Breaking Bad, but don’t have your phone with you. This feature uses Google Cast and will play the entire show on your tablet’s screen without requiring you to pick up your phone.

With this box, you can now watch more than one live TV channel at a time. This means that you can get to the episode of a particular show that you’ve been dying to watch, even if you’re already watching another episode on your Android smartphone or tablet. In addition, you can set up each Android TV as a separate viewing area, so that you can watch more than one live TV channel at once.

Rveal 2 also lets you share episodes of your favorite TV shows to all your other devices, including your iPhone and iPad. This means that you’ll no longer have to worry about losing a file to your TV set, and will be able to immediately find the episode you want when it’s on Reveal.

If you’ve been using the free service for a while, you know how quickly it gets a bit old. It’s the best way to enjoy internet’s best features, including the aforementioned Google Cast integration, and also lets you watch many more TV channels than others will let you watch.