StreamPro V18 – Streamsmart Replacement

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Billed in industry circles as the original “Streamsmart Killer”, the new StreamPro 18 streaming box made an immediate impact in the android streaming device market with cutting edge hardware that provided the performance that other boxes could not match.

People simply tired of all hassle of associated with endless buffering, freezing & booting on game day. And the non-existent customer support and frustration that comes from of a poorly designed (and poorly reviewed) product. The consistent streaming performance of the the StreamPro box delivered where other streaming boxes failed.

While the streaming box cartel in San Diego continued to anger customers with their poorly engineered product & unreliable programming, 2k miles away the StreamPro group were building a streaming box that clearly surpassed all other products in the market.

StreamPro’s first model, the V17 box, quickly changed the market dynamics by delivering rock solid programming & better than market average hardware specifications. Resellers of the SS brand were drawn to the stable reliability and consistent performance of the new StreamPro box.

Less than a year later, StreamPro released the famous V18 box. This high-end streamer outclassed all other boxes by a wide margin and delivered the highest level of customer satisfaction in the market. With an Octocore processor and 16 gigs of memory, the StreamPro V18 box is considered to be the gold standard in streaming media players.

V18 Streaming Android StreamPro Box Menu Example:

StreamPro V18 Menu

  • 2019 Best Android 6.1 4K Kodi Streaming Box
  • The latest high-performance hardware
  • The most reliable entertainment source for sports, movies & special events
  • A much smoother, reliable & organized viewing experience
  • An actual TV Guide Menu
  • 4K ready Streaming Box
  • Automatic Updates
  • StreamPro boxes don’t use overloaded streams that buffer endlessly